Hard Row To Hoe

“Between the devastating tariffs and flooding;  Losing our farm is real. Climate change is real. No more voting for fakers.” 


“Millennial’s are Generation Stress? Buck up Buttercups ’cause forty, fifty and sixty’s gonna be pretty dope to cope.” 


“Those experts sucking down salted caramel everything are back to dissing eggs. I’m crossing that road, Henny.” 

That’s Rich!

“You detest the Hollywood elite; but how many undeserving, well heeled dimwits have we helped get into prestigious universities?” 

Time Management

“When you lose an hour of sleep just from changing all the clocks in your life; microwave, thermostat, oven, car, watches, and one actual clock.”

Tooth Be Told

“Our next opening is Tuesday @ 3:15 five months from now. Plenty of time to floss and not lie about it.”